Art is an intimate, emotional, sensory and intellectual journey,
where ideas and sensations are transformed into visual expression




My work begins with the need to externalize through an image the feeling of living "between", as a neutral space in the middle of two opposites: between inside and outside, matter and energy, presence and absence, figure and figure. A sensation that becomes a sublime and unattainable tension towards a utopian, hermaphroditic, simultaneous and spectral space-time, which in turn becomes the intermediate fair, which allows equilibrium.


Since I started painting, I have been interested in studying the essential elements of the canvas, the color and the wood. I consider, for example, that the fabric not only serves as a support on which the color is applied or a drawing is made, it can also play the main role in the composition of the painting.


In my first paintings I worked the fabric cutting it, fraying it, sewing it, etc., maintaining the bi-dimensionality but at the same time looking for depth, what is behind, between inside and outside. Little by little the works acquired tri-dimensionality and the fabric began to play the main role in constructing the form and becoming Figure. The color to stop fulfilling its function, became a symbol of peace, purity and transformation.


Working with these ideas, I introduced the theme of Gender Violence, the mistreatment of millions of women around the world, women oppressed, frightened, psychologically abused, raped, beaten, burned, this to mention some of the atrocities of which still suffer the female gender, in the XXI century.


It is an art of social denunciation where I seek, through an aesthetic vision, to give an ethical concept. I seek to "sculpt the sensation", as Francis Bacon would say with his painting. Create an impact, a sensation in the observer that invites him to reflect.Again and without thinking, my sense of an interval sense between ethics and aesthetics, good and evil, torment and peace.

From the technical point of view, in addition to the fabric, I work with plaster, acrylic resins, polyurethane and fiberglass. I also use some useful objects to visually communicate the main theme of my work.

The color remains white, absolute, essential and synthetic. A target through which pain is sublimated, spiritually overcome in an interval between matter and spirit.






Bianco luce, bianco pace

Bianco assoluto, bianco nulla


Bianco tutto. Tutto bianco


Bianco, bianco

Time less Time


Time less
less Time
Time left
life Time

Lets Time left

Leave Time and lets Time
Time no more Time
Time you Time
Time without Time
Time with Time

Try Time
A dime for time
Time on my head
Time ahead

Time passes by
By-pass Time
Time of my heart
Time with me....

...Time without me...

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up
Pick up your time.

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